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Hi, I’m Keiko and I make music. I started writing as early as 7 years old, making silly love song lyrics. In 5th grade, I learned to play the guitar while continuously improving my singing-songwriting skills. For a while, I was a little more focused on my singing than playing, but in high school, I rekindled my love for the guitar and really dedicated to improving my skills. I would take every chance I would get, joining contests and battle of the band competitions just to play and get better. In 2012, I took a chance and joined PhilPop, penning a song called “3 AM”. My song was interpreted by Marié Digby and made it to the finals. Though I didn’t win, it gave me the break I needed and opened many doors for me. That year, I also joined Elements Music Camp and gained wonderful friends in the industry. In 2015, I independently produced and released my very first album and since then it has been an amazing adventure of creation, collaboration, and working hard to create art that I’m proud to share with all of you. So I’m hoping you’ll join me on the journey!


This website will be the culmination of all my work and where you can stay updated on my gig schedule and what I’m up to. Stay tuned!


Love you guys, 





Through It All

Released in 2015, Keiko’s self-produced debut album featured 10 tracks that brought her into the collective consciousness of OPM music lovers. Entitled “Through it all”, it juxtaposed romantic arrangements and her distinct, powerful voice. The carrier single “Through it all” is about the pledge of loyalty we take to stand by the people we love and was also the first song she decided to release a music video for. Crowd-favorite “Away from the current”, was the second song that she released a music video for, creating 2 alternative endings for viewers. Most recently, she shot an MV for “Forever Alive”. Much of the album is a love letter, with Keiko wearing her heart on her sleeve through every story told through every track. 

[escape] EP (2017)
[escape] EP

Released on CD and digital, Keiko’s new sound caught on and the EP’s namesake track “escape” even landed her a spot on Air Asia’s Dreams Come True contest as a finalist. Her most notable performance was for the 2017 ASEAN closing ceremonies, where she performed “While we are young” alongside Quest and The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. [escape] will be the springboard for Keiko’s sophomore album that she is already in the process of producing. 


Away From the Current
Through It All
Forever Alive


Dane and I have always want to collaborate on a song together, so I was really stoked when he sent me this track to add to. I wrote the entire second verse and helped arrange the bridge using subdued vocals. This song is different from most of my work, it’s a lot more sensual, but it’s actually about two people learning about and getting to know each other.  

This song was written by Shehyee and love the whole message it talks about, believing in yourself and not being afraid to shine your light. When he messaged me asking to collaborate on it, I immediately said yes! Thyro Alfaro worked with us to arrange the song so that my part would perfectly fit my vocal style. It’s an amazing song and I’m glad to have been a part of it. 

Quest is an artist that I really look up to. He and I share the love of creating songs that are about hope and positivity, so I was really excited to be part of Unang Hakbang.

It’s an empowering song and it empowers me—I was so emotional when I first heard it. 

In July 2016, I was given the privilege of being part of Clara Benin’s headlining concert, “Coming Home”. We collaborated along with Reese Lansangan and Rizza Cabrera, singing our own rendition of “Magic” by Coldplay. 


Here’s what I’m up to.

With ate Alannah 💙 (She’s grown so much! Ang ganda ganda parang si tita Keiko nya) 💥

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Here’s how can you get in touch with me:

For bookings, projects, and inquiries, get in touch with me at or or +63817 829 8921. You may also fill up the contact form below.